Becoming a Caregiver in PA

Becoming a Caregiver in PA

Becoming a Caregiver in the PA Medical Marijuana Program, only takes a few simple steps.

By Diana Hileman Briggs

The PA Medical Marijuana Program is extremely patient focused. The regulations for caregivers are designed to help parents of special needs children, but also family and friends of adults, especially seniors, who are bedridden and physically unable to purchase the medicine themselves. Each caregiver can have up to five patients — another unique aspect of the PA law.

To register a child or minor patient in the program, a designated caregiver must be registered as well since a minor cannot enter a medical marijuana dispensary to purchase the medicine. When creating a patient profile, you also create a caregiver profile.

Once you’ve created your caregiver profile, follow the background link to schedule your appointment for the federal background check and fingerprints. The PA program does not allow someone with a drug felony within the last five years to be a caregiver. After your fingerprints are reviewed and approved, you will receive an email allowing you to purchase your ID card. After your patient has been certified by a registered physician, you will be able to use your card to purchase medical marijuana for the patient at any dispensary you choose.

The PA law also allows a homebound adult to have a caregiver. In this circumstance, you register as a certified caregiver as explained above and add the adult patient to your caregiver profile. Each patient under the PA program can have two caregivers, and each caregiver is allowed up to five patients on their card. This is a wonderful way to help those who have difficulty getting to a dispensary on their own. The caregiver addition to the PA program will allow many more patients access to this amazing medicine.

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