From the Publisher

From the Publisher

You hear it in every pharmaceutical TV commercial. “Ask your doctor if this drug is right for you.” Now that Pennsylvania has joined 28 other states in regulating the medicinal use of it, now is the time to “ask your doctor” about medical cannabis. It is possibly lifesaving for you, important for doctors, and vital to the industry for that conversation be as robust and factually correct as possible.

That’s where this magazine comes in. We’ll supply patients and physicians with the very latest research, cannabis fundamentals, patient testimonials, and updates on laws and regulations that affect them. Anything you might discuss with your doctor, you’ll find here.

Everyone in the industry wants that conversation between you and your doctor to be of the highest quality. No product is sold without a physician’s OK. Finding just the right dosage, delivery system, strain and many other factors are key to getting the most out of cannabis as medicine so you can heal and the industry can prosper.

For the last two years, my position as media director of Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society has given me a unique window into
the burgeoning industry and a deep appreciation of the power
of this plant as medicine. PAMCS is becoming MCS — a national organization with many state chapters. This magazine shares their mission to provide education, outreach, and thought leadership where it is needed most — supporting the conversation you have when you “ask your doctor.”

Wishing you good health,

-Sven Hosford

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